How To Watch

Our “How To Watch” guide is provided to help you view the streams with a minimum of fuss and most importantly, to watch them without doing any damage to your device. Also of importance is whether you allow your children to watch certain programs online, this page will provide some good guidance on how best to manage happy and safe viewing.

1) Clicking the links.

Once you have found the film or TV series you are keen on watching you will need to click the link to get there. This will take you to a new tab in a separate window so you can return to once finished.

The new tab will provide a window showing the video player but it will likely, and can, also include numerous adverts, including pop unders.

  • Focus on the player screen and remove any popunders that appear under your browser immediately.
  • Close down any advertisements that appear on the screen until only a play symbol shows.
  • Do not click any Download Now or Play banners.
  • Do not download anything that the site(s) request you to download.



2) Safe Viewing.

Unfortunately these days there is no fullproof format of viewing anything 100% safely. The majority of websites and advertisers simply don’t care as long as they can get the views and show enough advertisements to the masses. Specifically where children are concerned, please make sure you take all the steps in option 1 so that there is a minimum of advertisements on display. Here are some other options that will help.

  • Research the film or TV series first, making sure it is suitable for children of their age.
  • Remove all advertisements on display. You could even try which, depending on your web browser, which will remove most ads, but please research them first before using them.
  • Watch the selection first before allowing the child to watch it. This takes a few moments, just to make sure it’s the same program is says it is.
  • Watch the selection in full screen. By doing so, you are allowing your child to watch the film only, and not the advertisements in the sidebar.


3. Quality Viewing.

Whilst we have done our utmost to find the highest quality links available. Some can change without any given notice, and with that, the quality too. Some sites are also particularly busy and can therefore be slower than others. Your internet connection and speed may also play a part.For best viewing of streamed content, please try the following.

  • Remove as many advertisements as possible as per step 1.
  • Press play on the video unit, then pause it. Leave it paused whilst it streams for a few minutes. It’s a good time to make a cuppa!
  • Close other programs or sites that are not needed.




In summary, and to keep your viewing pleasure as high as possible, just stick to the following and you’ll be fine.


  • Don’t download anything.
  • Remove as many advertisements as possible.
  • If playing to children, double check reviews and the linked content.
  • Only click the play symbol in the actual player.
  • Pause player for a few moments before playing the streamed content.
  • Watch your selection in Full Screen Mode.