How To Watch

Our “How To Watch” guide is provided to help you view your favourite live UK TV channels with the minimum of fuss and this is really more a guide of what to press and what to do to increase your viewing pleasure.

Step 1) Go to the Channels page by clicking HERE.
Step 2) From the channels available, locate the one you would like to watch.
Step 3) Click on it!

Ta-Daaaa! You’ve done it! Easy wasn’t it? You will notice the TV, or player as it’s called when online, is quite small and not the same size as your full Computer or Laptop screen. To make this bigger we need you to click on something else to expand it’s size.

Look for the image in the top right hand corner with a WHITE arrow pointing at it. Click that and the player will go full size.

In the same image you will see a GREEN arrow pointing to the right. This is your volume control if you would like it a little louder.

The final arrow, bottom left, is RED. This you might find familiar on your video or DVD player. It’s simply the pause button, so if you want to stick the kettle without missing a minute of your favourite TV program, simply click those two little lines.

That’s it for the basics! If you’re having issues with the programm jumping or stopping every few seconds then it might be your internet speed. If that’s the case try our tips page which will give you a few pointers on what can be done to speed things up.