Watch UK TV Online Free

A warm welcome from everyone at SION –’s sole function now is to provide you with the option of watching free UK TV online without the unecessary ads galore that one see’s so much these days. As always, our promise will be to keep popups and those nasty re-directs off the site, we’ll simply just have two or three normal ads to help keep the site running. If you do spot any nasties please get in touch so we can investigate and get them removed.

We will be fully focused on getting you as many free UK TV channels as legally possible for your viewing pleasure. This is particularly useful if you’re on your travels or for the ex-pats amongst you whos satellite dish no longer reaches far enough to get you the right channels.

The thing with the internet though, particularly abroad, is that it’s not always the fastest. If not, speak to your internet people and see if they can offer anything to speed things up for you. It will make a difference even if you have to pay a little extra. If you’re making Brexit cuts then try out our tips page which will have a few pointers to get the best experience.

If there is a particular UK TV channel that you cannot find on here, give us a bell on the contact page and let us know and we’ll see if we can find it for you. For those not too familiar with watching TV online be sure to take a look at our “How To Watch” page too.

On top of our TV channels we’ll also be adding reviews of television series, films plus where to buy them or watch them, and loads more so keep your eye open for that

To get going quickly we’ve listed a few channels below. Just click the one you want to watch, wait a few seconds and get veiwing!

Enjoy the site!!